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timeless, conscious beauty

Our Story

We all wake up each day, and began the process of exposing our most honest versions of ourselves to the world. A huge part of that honesty is knowing who you are and where you are from. As part of our journey, we visited our native Trinidad and Tobago for the first time in 23 years in 2013. As we explored the country, we saw many men and women who looked like us, had hair like us, and felt like connections we had no idea existed. As we spoke to people, they asked us many questions, but one truly surprised us. They asked, “What do you use in your hair?” We quickly realized all of these people were trying to achieve similar goals of exposing their beauty more naturally, but didn’t always have the access or resources to do so.

Our mission is to discover local makers of unique body care solutions and offer an accessible, curated selection of natural products from around the world.

Authentic beauty, your way.


Our Team


Fawziyya Sugai


Fawziyya has always had an appreciation for creating and creators. As a child she would repurpose old clothing into what her father affectionately called “a Fawziyya classic, eccentric,” creation. She followed this passion into a career in the fashion industry, after studying both international business and fashion and accessories design. She is always able to see the possibilities in everyone and everything; bringing them back to life. Her love of people and her innate talent for picking up languages has allowed her to travel the world with ease, gathering a lifetime worth of experiences to further inform her creativity.

As a constant sufferer of allergic reactions to many common skincare products, she was forced to simplify her routines. She began to explore naturally derived products; seeking her skincare in the fruit and vegetable aisle instead of the cosmetics aisle. Her travel inspired her to use typical kitchen staples in new ways. She would use rice water to make facial toners and turmeric and sugar to make skin softening body scrubs. Her sister, Kawthar, often calls her “ the DIY Queen.” For Fawziyya, it was not just about saving her skin, but also about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

A few years ago, while traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, she found that it was very difficult to find natural products in convenient places. After speaking with several people, she discovered some local brands who used indigenous ingredients to create natural products that worked.

She was inspired by the ingenuity of the local creators and how necessity can breed amazing innovation. This discovery motivated her to found Coup de Coiff, with the intent of sharing these naturally created, local treasures with the world. She believes that everyone should be able to access quality products that help them to look and feel their best.

As the Founder and CEO of Coup de Coiff she uses her 10+ years of professional experience in the fashion industry to create a sustainable and natural brand that helps entrepreneurs from around the world break through to the global marketplace, connecting people all over the world with brands they can trust.


Kawthar Muhammad


Kawthar is what some people might call, “the mad scientist.” She has always had a passion for science and the power it gives us to create. Her first experiments started in 4th grade, analyzing how the different environment affected fruit fly genetics. While she has since discovered that animal testing is not nice, these initial experiments inspired her interest in understanding how our environment can have long-standing effects on our health. She followed this passion for the last 10+ years, working in infectious disease research and biostatistics. Which usually draws blank stares and makes you wonder how she came to start a natural beauty brand. For her the desire to create is innate and like most human beings she is the sum of her life experiences. She has been a classical violinist for most of her life, dabbles in opera, piano, songwriting, and refining her hand at drawing portraits.

Four years ago when her thick ,long hair began to thin and break off from years of chemical relaxers, she knew it was time for a change. She spent a year transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and in the process began a journey of self-discovery and developed an appreciation for naturally derived hair products. It just so happens that around the same time she was also battling adult onset acne. She learned how everyday products like honey and eggs can transform her hair and skin better than any synthetic product she had tried.

Two years ago, on a trip back to her native country of Trinidad and Tobago, the idea that we now call Coup de Coiff came into fruition. While traveling with her sister, everywhere they went women would stop them to ask what they were using in their hair. After visiting some of the local beauty supply stores it became very apparent why they were asking; there was a very limited selection of naturally derived products and those that did exist were small batch with narrow distribution.

On the flight back to New York the sisters had a flurry of thoughts as to how they could help not only brands in Trinidad but brands all over the world that were using local ingredients to create natural skin and hair care products. As the Founder and President of Coup de Coiff, Kawthar uses her scientific mindset to inform our understanding of the ingredients that go into our favorite natural brands. She also focuses on content to ensure that our advice is technically sound. Her desire to create and help others helps to shape Coup de Coiff into an ambassador of timeless, conscious, beauty for everyone.


Han Chien Wu

Han Chien Wu is a creative genius and a self-proclaimed skincare product junkie. She serves as our main brand ambassador for the Southeast Asian region. When she is not touting Coup de Coiff, she is designing her own brand of quirky meets edgy accessories and apparel. She is also a talented artist, specializing in watercolors. You may have seen her in some of our campaigns, as she is also one of our spokesmodels.


Margaret Park

Margaret is the mastermind behind the Coup de Coiff logo, icons and branding. Her background in business and graphic design help to translate the Coup de Coiff strategy into a visual masterpiece. She continues to advise the team on an ad hoc basis. Outside of Coup de Coiff, she has worked on brands such as Farmacy Beauty, Joe Fresh, Mercedes-Benz, and Jin Soon beauty. She currently serves as the Art Director at VP+C, a NYC-based boutique PR and Special Events Agency.


Yasu Sugai

Yasu is our travel specialist. He helps us to coordinate exploring cities all over the world to discover new brands and products. When he isn't maximizing our miles and awards programs, he works as a Project Engineer in the Automotive Industry.


kickstarter campaign kickoff

New York, NY - February 1, 2017 – Coup De Coiff, the world’s first natural beauty social commerce site, announced the soft launch of its website.  The company was founded and is managed by sisters, Fawziyya Sugai and Kawthar Muhammad, who have extensive business development and management expertise, along with a team of designers and product managers to assist in sourcing and curating their product offering. 

CEO Fawziyya Sugai stated, “the key to the business model is visual search, centralized shipping, and a universal shopping cart platform which will allow customers to purchase from multiple vendors located all over the world through a single secure portal.”  The mission of Coup de Coiff is to give customers access to producers of naturally derived beauty products from all over the world and build a nurturing community for these makers to share best practices and establish a global presence.  Coup de Coiff currently has an active Kickstarter campaign, set to end on February 28th, which will raise funds to complete the implementation of the universal shopping cart technology and visual search. 

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Coup de coiff team visits paris

Paris, France - October 21-24, 2016 The Coup de Coiff team travelled to Paris in search of locally produced natural beauty brands. While there they discovered the newly launched brand, Huygens. Huygens offers bespoke natural beauty products and a collection of ready-made personal care solutions.

Learn more about their trip via the details below.