DIY Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair and Body Cream

Time is winding down to the holidays, so we wanted to give you options for easy DIY gifts. What do you get when you mix coconut oil with shea butter? The best hair and dry skin cream you have ever had of course! This decadent cream is perfect for those extra dry patches of skin in the winter and to seal your hair in protective styles. Check out our blog for how to mix, make, pack, and wrap. Best of all, you can get all of the ingredients either locally or within 0-2 days from Amazon!


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Time is ticking to purchase gifts for the holidays. We're giving you just a few more chances, with some easy DIY ideas that are amazingly effective and awesome gifts!

We've always heard of the benefits of both Aloe and Castor oil, but who knew they could be used on your eyelashes. After seeing Farah Dhukai's video, we were inspired to put her Aloe and Castor Oil Eyelash Serum to the test.

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5 ways papaya will always love you back. Some may say papaya is an acquired taste, or perhaps they haven't had the pleasure of tasting a perfectly ripe papaya or a green papaya salad. As a PSA to all, don't miss out on all of the love this fruit has to offer. There are some things and people that will never love you back, but papaya isn't one of them.

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