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Check out our latest videos for details on our beauty discoveries and tips & tricks to glow everyday!

Best of Natural Beauty: KENYA

We spent 10 days in Kenya and stocked up on beauty products from local makers.

Golden Milk Challenge

Join us as we try using these wellness beverages for the next 30 days.


Ever wonder what spurred the stereotypes about the skin, lifespan, height, or athleticism of certain ethnicity or cultures? Why do certain people always have perfect skin? How do some people age so gracefully? We're on a quest to figure it all out, one city at a time.

Growing up, did your mom always have you do something you'd never do in public? What weird beauty hacks are you still doing today? Share these and more, as we discover beauty hacks from around the world.



Your beauty, your standards

At COUP de COIFF our goal is to create an inclusive community that aspires to embrace the unique beauty of the world. Wanting products that are good for you or embracing a specific lifestyle does not mean you are only part of a specific group. We believe nature is the greatest gift and it provides us with the most luxurious skin and personal care options to maximize beauty inside and out.