timeless, conscious beauty

Our Story

We all wake up each day, and began the process of exposing our most honest versions of ourselves to the world. A huge part of that honesty is knowing who you are and where you are from. As part of our journey, we visited our native Trinidad and Tobago for the first time in 23 years in 2013. As we explored the country, we saw many men and women who looked like us, had hair like us, and felt like connections we had no idea existed. As we spoke to people, they asked us many questions, but one truly surprised us. They asked, “What do you use in your hair?” We quickly realized all of these people were trying to achieve similar goals of exposing their beauty more naturally, but didn’t always have the access or resources to do so.

We are Coup de Coiff, global clean beauty ambassadors on a mission to promote timeless, conscious beauty traditions from around the world. At Coup de Coiff, we provide a holistic range of offerings to support our mission, including: community inspired original beauty content, a curated selection of effective global clean beauty products, and strategic consulting services for small-to-medium enterprises via our sister company Rein-Coquette Consulting.

Authentic beauty, your way.