Kalkidan Mulugeta

kalkidan mulugeta coup de coiff

What part of your day do you look forward to the most? (no character limit) *

The early morning; the fresh possibilities of a new day is exhilarating.

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken and why? (no character limit) *

The biggest, and most rewarding risk I have taken is on myself. Every day, waking up and choosing to have hope is an act of courage, vulnerability and a little risky. The idea that I can run my company, and not only make the best possible decisions at any give time, but believe in myself to execute best, and forgive myself when the outcome is unpleasant is a constant risk.

What do you want to leave behind? (no character limit) *

Doubt, fear and clothes that need ironing.

About Kalkidan:

Kalkidan is the co-founder of ClearSkies ICT Technology, a Value Added Services company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a branch in Nairobi, Kenya. ClearSkies’ array of products in the mobile technology sector serve both the Ethiopian market as well as the Ethiopian diaspora.

Check it out at: www.clearskiestechnology.com 

What we've always admired about Kalkidan is her ability to connect people. She has a strong appreciation for community and it was through this community that we discovered new brands in Kenya.

Contact her:

instagram: @kalkiye

twitter: @kalkidafrique