Shizuka Ichinohe

shizuka ichinohe coup de coiff

What part of your day do you look forward to the most?

Morning time. Making favorite break fast, have some tea, & arranging schedules.

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken and why?

Moving to nyc from Tokyo. I moved to nyc almost knowing anyone here, spoke little English. I wasn’t satisfied with my life in Japan, and wanted to make a big change in my life. I was bored of my work, life, and stressed out with such a strict culture of Japan. I knew it would be very difficult if I didnt know anybody and spoke only little English to make my life success here. Also knew it would be a huge blank if I spend so much time here but eventually give up and go home. I had no idea if my family would be happy ; I have a sister who needs a special care, my parents are divorced, my mother is still working full time instead of age of 65, and my father is very conservative, over protective, and always wanted me to be by their side to help family in my home town - country side, nothing exciting - , listen him, not take risks, and being quite but never care my feeling first (and I never be so we sometimes have arguments because almost everything my dad and I want in our life is opposite). But I still wanted to challenge and believed in my self. I did not even know what was the goal here that I should / want to achieve. Only things I did (and still do) is listening my heart every time, and set the next goal. Always the goal changes or I add next one as I clear something else. I think my mom who has a very interesting life is one of the greatest risk taker I ever met, and I am her daughter. I’ve been always taking many risks I assume since I was 18. I think I will keep trying harder to make my dreams come true.

What do you want to leave behind?

Fear, unproductive habit (hopefully) and saying “impossible”

About Shizuka: Shizuka is an award-winning Lash Artist / Educator in New York. She has 13 years of experience in beauty and personal care. When she’s not building her beauty brand, she is exploring NYC and travelling the country.

Our co-founder, Fawziyya, met Shizuka through a mutual friend at a birthday party. Since then they have connected on various creative projects for Coup de Coiff and Shizuka’s Eyelash Studio, Lashinista.

Contact her: or via her site.