mystical looks to journey into fall

refresh your look with pops of color

Usually people talk color pops for summer, but we’ve been itching to try some color pops for Fall. We spent quite a bit of time getting creative with our looks and pushing ourselves to have a bit more fun. Whether you need it to be tame for the office or want to push yourself for a bit of effortless, style freedom, this guide is here for you.

long purple and grey ombre braids

solid foundation

just like skin

breathable base makeup

Multi-use makeup is the best for this look and the most economical. We love Rituel de Fille for this very reason. You might cringe at the price of some of their products, but remember this, it will last a long time and can be used everywhere! Pair it with SLA Paris primer and foundation for a skin-like finish.



Go for a bit of no-makeup, makeup glam using this easy technique. Keep the base simple and natural and use the same rosy hue for you lips, eyes and cheeks. It's fresh and takes at least a few years off your age! Use a slightly lighter rose tone with sparkle to highlight the high cheeks, nose and brow bone. We recommend a creme highlight for the most natural results.


go bold or go home

taking iconic fall colors to new heights

We love the richness of fall color palettes, loaded with decadent chocolates, rich bordeauxs and greens inspired by the forest and hunting. Try taking your look up a notch by bringing these colors into your makeup looks. We went bold with pops of colors on our lips and even added the same shades to our lids for more monchromatic magic.

green lipstick for fall 2018
purple lipstick at the met cloisters

loose and lived in hair

play with texture, curls and volume

take color to the next level

This summer we experimented with many protective styles, played with texture, and introduced pops of color. As many women know, your hair needs can change with the changing of the seasons. The summer to fall transition can lead to excessive shedding and dry scalp. Protective styles can help ease that transition, but why be boring, when you can use this opportunity to play with looks you might not otherwise attempt on your natural hair.

gypsy goddess locs and green lipstick

texture toss up

mix and match is not just for you wardrobe

Weaves and crochet styles are a good way to play with texture. You could go pin straight one month and have beach waves the next. We even mixed things up with faux locs. Mixing straight, wavy, and curly pieces with high and low lights gave us a “whimsical earth goddess” look that is perfect for fall.

color pop

protective color options

take color trends to your locks

Swing for the fences with color! Go for bright and or unexpected pops of color this fall. That will definitely make you stand out from the crowd if you live in a city like New York; where the unspoken dress code is black, dark blue, and grey! Especially in the fall and winter. If you work in a conservative environment and you are worried about your style being “work appropriate” one of our favorite things to do is semi-hidden pops of color. For example, if your style is box braids: get most of the braids in your natural hair color but have the braids in the lower back center of your head be whatever color you want.

blue and grey ombre micro braids
pink and black ombre micro braids

protect & treat

dual-purpose styling for healthy hair

try these looks with our without extensions

While all of these styles can be quite fun, do not forget that the purpose is to PROTECT your hair. Which means you still need to wash, condition, and in some cases treat your hair as if it were not in a protective style. You want your hair to be better than before you put it into a protective style. We are loving the GIRL+HAIR product line to nourish and cleanse our hair under our protecive styles.


new color pops

rich oranges & nudes

warm tonals that say hello to fall

Orange is a common Fall color, but it is usually in deep tones that pair perfectly with the colors of the season. We launched into summer obsessively wearing tangerine and nude lip colors and could not imagine parting with them for Fall. We tried pairing lighter tangerines and nudes with warm chocolates and burnt orange and fell more deeply in love.

Get the most out of your summer colors by adding some ombre to your fall looks.

burnt orange and nude lipstick
tangerine lipstick and orange ombre