Father’s day

gift guide


In celebration of the men out there, this Father’s Day we are highlighting some of our favorite dad’s in beauty and a few new men we’ve discovered who are creating cool and clean beauty products for everyone!


Brothers Artisan Oil

brother's artisan oil father's day

Brothers Artisan Oil started with a beard oil, but has since evolved into a brand that carries products that are for men, women, unisex and home. We use their deodorants, shave oil and room spray regularly.

What we love: Their use of natural ingredients to create products with amazing scents that actually work! They also added a social mission to their business in partnership with charity water. Last year they supplied 500 people with clean water.

The perfect gift: Grab dad’s overnight bag and load it with these toiletries for a surprise getaway!

Treat yourself: Spice up the getaway with these and it will be a gift for all of you!


Oars & Alps

What we love: Customization! You can create your own kit. This is perfect for the particular guy who you know the best.

The perfect gift: If you want to make it easy, or if you’re shopping last minute, you can select a few products from Amazon and put together a kit yourself. Here’s one collection we recommend as a starter set.

Treat yourself: the Wake Up Eye Stick is crafted from Persian Silk Tree to help reduce fine lines and dark circles and we would just buy one of these for ourselves too!



What we love: We met the founder of Treestar*, Jose Alvarez, at a Makers Market in NYC and fell in love with his handmade soaps. He is dedicated to not only creating a high-quality soap, but also using natural ingredients to unique create sensory experiences. That’s why the scents in his soaps are magical. His collection also includes scented candles.

Your purchase will also make the world a greener place, because with each sale Jose plants a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted.

The perfect gift: This one is for the hopeless romantic. Grab a bar of the Jasmine body soap and a soy candle and relax the night away. Did you know that Jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac?

Treat yourself: Sometimes you just need to chill out, that’s why we love keeping sensory oils in our bags and at our desk. Check out their Stress Essential Oil Roller made with lavender, clary sage, and lemon.


H.I.M. - istry Naturals

H.I.M.-istry naturals is a brand we recently discovered that creates grooming and shaving products for men. It is a new brand we are trying, and by we it means we are having the men in our lives try it. This is not because these products will not work on women’s skin, but because they pay particular attention to differences in skin between men and women.

Did you know that a man’s skin is ~15% thicker than a woman’s skin?

What we love: The founder, Darnell Henderson, focuses on creating high-quality, natural products that are accessible. The ingredients and skincare claims are backed by science. They offer statistical results of product efficacy, which takes some of the risk out of trying new products.

We haven’t seen as many men’s brands focusing on adult acne and hyperpigmentation and are excited to explore more of the product range.

The perfect gift: H.I.M.-istry offers three shave systems that target specific concerns: anti-aging, restoring and hydrating.

Treat yourself: If you’ve followed us for a while, you know we love a high-quality vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. That’s why we are adding the Hyaluronic & Vitaming C Moisturizing Serum to our list of new products to try.


18.21 Man Made

What we love: For old time’s sake, we can’t forget about one of our O.G. faves 18.21 Man Made. The entire brand is a vibe. Think cigars, prohibition whiskey, and tailored suits. They make premium grooming products for the discerning gentlemen.

The perfect gift: Their fragrance is the perfect gift for you and him. He feels confident and sexy and you get to enjoy him feeling and smelling amazing.

We also love the grooming trio as a gift for your dad. It is the same scent as the fragrance, but in a body wash* and includes a hair styling clay and spray. It is the perfect set to get him ready for any day. *If your partner/dad/father in your life has sensitive skin, we recommend the fragrance over the body wash. He can experience the scent without having to apply it directly to his skin.

Treat yourself: Admittedly, we love this product because it smells like you just took a shower with a lover, but it is also an effective option for a shave cream. We love that it applies clear so you can see the areas you are shaving. It leaves your skin smooth and is packed with ingredients that help to improve your skin quality including glycerin, jojoba seed oil, siberian ginseng and chlorella.