Haldi Brightening Face Mask

Haldi Brightening Face Mask


Inspired by our travels in Asia, we bring you our first, curated selection of our favorite indulgences from the Far East.

  • Haldi Brightening Face Mask - In a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, Haldi (meaning Turmeric in Hindi) is an important event that occurs just a couple of days before the wedding. During Haldi, the women in the family prepare a special paste made of turmeric, sandalwood, rose water and a special herbal mix. Going from the toes up, the yellow paste is applied on the legs, arms, hands and feet. The aim of the Haldi mask is to clean and brighten a bride’s skin, so as to look flawless throughout the wedding. Lucky for you, a wedding is not a requirement to try this

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  • Haldi Brightening Face Mask - chickpea flour, turmeric, coconut milk powder, sandalwood powder, dried rose petals.