Some may say papaya is an acquired taste, or perhaps they haven't had the pleasure of tasting a perfectly ripe papaya or a green papaya salad. As a PSA to all, don't miss out on all of the love this fruit has to offer. There are some things and people that will never love you back, but papaya isn't one of them.

  1. The vitamin C content in one serving of papaya is more than 100% of your daily value. This means you eat happiness and your body enjoys all of the benefits. Say thank you to reduced wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and shorter colds.
  2. It will always protect your heart. The vitamin A and C, fiber, and folic acid in papaya help to reduce cholesterol, which prevents heart attacks and strokes.
  3. Papaya can take your meals from drab to kissed by angels. Add them to your smoothies, sauces and salads to take your taste buds on a Caribbean vacation of their own.
  4. Papaya seed oil is magic for skincare. It is often included in skincare serums to aid in the reduction of hyperpigmentation (dark spots, acne scars) and brighten skin.
  5. It loves your waistline and is packed with fiber that will help to regulate weight by controlling cravings and filling you with joy.

So sleep on this no more, and get your eat on with some delicious papaya.

*Unripened papaya is not recommended for anyone with a latex allergy.