One of the benefits of traveling the world is discovering new foods! While we are always on the quest for new skin and haircare brands and products, we know that "good skin" starts on the inside.

One of our favorite foods while traveling throughout South East Asia was mangosteen. We basically ate mangosteen from Bnagkok to Saigon. It's difficult to compare it to fruits we commonly see in the USA because it really has a character and flavor all of it's own. Some say it is like lychee and a peach had a baby but really there are no words to convey how this delicious fruit taste. You'll just have to give it a try and find out!

Why eat it?

  • menstrual cycle regulation

  • anti-inflammatory properties

  • helps with weight loss

  • anti-bacterial properties

  • anti-cancer properties

  • great immune booster

Key nutrients:

  • Xanthones - antioxidants concentrated in the purple rind of the mangosteen

    • In the body these antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent cell damage (i.e. anti-cancer)

    • Contribute to joint flexibility and lung health

    • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce allergy symptoms

  • Vitamin C - helps to build immunity, maintain skin elasticity, and reduce hyperpigmentation

How to reap the benefits?

  • Eat it up!

    • The best way to reap the skin benefits of mangosteen is to ingest it. Your body will easily absorb the nutrients.

  • Use the entire fruit! - there is a larger concentration of xanthones in the rind than in any other fruit in the world!

    • The rind can be used to treat and soothe eczema. Try leaving the rind out to dry and then use your food processor to turn it into a flour/powder. Add water, and you have yourself an amazing treatment paste for pesky skin irritations.

While it can be difficult to find mangosteen outside of South East Asia, you can purchase it in the powder form on Amazon and iHerb. We will include some links below for you to try it and tell us what you think!

Search Mangosteen on iHerb to view this selection!

Search Mangosteen on iHerb to view this selection!