It is easier than you think to choose beauty products and ingredients that are sustainable. Apple Cider Vinegar is uber trendy but it is also a sustainable beauty product.

What makes a product sustainable? There are many interpretations of sustainability. We considered ease of access, environmental impact, cost, and variety of uses.

Apple cider vinegar is essentially the fermented liquid from apple cider. What makes it beneficial is the acetic acid.

Acetic acid (antibacterial), helps internally to lower blood sugar and reduce excess stomach fat.

In beauty products it is commonly used to treat acne and improve skin texture. It is one of many effective acids for skincare. Some people may be sensitive to it, so we recommend patch testing beforehand. We share more details in our Bible of Acids.

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The acetic acid in ACV also helps to kill unwanted bacteria. Check out these sites for more on the benefits of ACV.