Top 3 Ways to Get Your Matcha Fix!


We find preparing matcha with the traditional bamboo whisk to be a very soothing way to start your day. Because it requires you take your time in order to get a smooth frothy cup of matcha it feels like 5 min of peaceful meditation but, you know, without the weird mood music or monotone voice telling you to find your safe place in your mind. Here is a step by step guide courtesy of Matcha Source. Use your favorite milk instead of water for a tasty at home matcha latte. We like it with warm oat milk!


Shake, Shake, Shake

No time for bamboo whisk? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can simply combine matcha, cold water/milk, and a few ice cubes (optional) in a bottle and give it a good shake! You can also add a scoop of matcha to your favorite breakfast and/or post-workout smoothie.

matcha cake.jpg

Bake it!

Who says you have to drink matcha to get all of it’s amazing health benefits? You can use culinary grade matcha and bake anything your heart desires! No time for baking? These days just about every bakery and/or patisserie has their version of matcha cake, cookies, puff pastieries, etc. There is even matcha ice cream to cool off those warm summer days and get an antioxidant boost all at once.