3 steps to your best cold wash

There are many mixed messages about the optimal temperature for washing or co-washing textured hair. In a June 2013 post by Susonnah Gonzalez on curlynikki.com they did a fantastic job of describing the pros and cons of washing curly hair in cold water versus hot water. BUT what if you do not have a choice in the temperature of the water you use? 

How do you ensure that you get the best of both worlds: that satisfying deep clean feeling you get when you’re cleansing in warm water and the silky shiny smooth texture you achieve by cold rinsing? In the Palawan province of the Philippines many residences do not have water heaters and as such all showers are cold ones! 

  1. Use a clarifying shampoo or an apple cider vinegar water mixture at your roots to clean away the sweat, product build up, and dust (very few paved roads here). 
  2. What about deep conditioning to restore the moisture? With the unstable power grids sitting under a high voltage dryer is not a wise choice. Apply your conditioner of choice (Shea Moisture Manuka Honey is my personal fave), put on a plastic conditioning cap, tie it down with a scarf, wrap your head in a towel, place another towel on your pillow, and go to sleep! By wrapping your head in a towel, not only are you preventing liquid from ruining your sheets but you are locking in all the body heat you naturally generate at night. The natural rise in body temperature at night is a healthy sign that your body is repairing and replenishing itself. So why not include your curls in the process! 
  3. In the morning simply rinse in your morning cold shower. You will have the same lush curls as if you used warm water or a hooded dryer.