The Healthy Shine - natural steps to shiny hair and skin that glows from within

All hair is not the same and shiny hair does not reflect the health of your hair. Hair porosity, thickness, hair color, and curl pattern can influence shine. Straighter hair is a flatter, smoother surface that light can more readily bounce off of, creating intense shine. Curly girls can definitely achieve a certain level of shine, but be weary of weighing down your hair with excessive products in an attempt to achieve the same level of shine that you see on straight hair; as that might not be possible. Shine and or sheen can be achieved naturally.

While most people shun shiny skin, glowing skin is seen as healthy and youthful. Drinking your daily dose of water and integrating the below into your hair care routine and daily dietary intake, can kick start your path towards the elusive fountain of youth.

5 rules to live by for optimal sheen and endless youth

  1. Remove build-up by clarifying. We prefer organic apple cider vinegar (1 pt ACV:1 pt water), but there are many natural clarifying shampoos out there. See the end of this post for some of our favorites.
  2. Deep condition with a conditioner that has natural oils like coconut. If you have a conditioner you love, but want to give it a boost, you can try mixing in your favorite oil. We recommend putting the amount you use for a single wash in a small container and mixing with oil (4pt conditioner:1pt oil).
  3. A 5-10 second cold rinse at the end of your shower or the cold shot on the blow dryer closes the cuticle, locking in moisture, and giving each strand a smooth light reflecting surface.
  4. Take it a step further, by nourishing your hair and skin from the inside out. Salmon, sardines, coconut (oil and water), eggs, and walnuts all have high amounts of key nutrients like fatty acids, sulphur, and potassium that help to retain moisture and produce healthy shine.
  5. Water - drink it often! At least 64 oz a day, or like Gabrielle Union, a whole gallon. The proof is in the results and she looks awesome!