Curly girl conquest (Philippines) - local product Human Nature

Tropical climates like the Philippines can boast a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius and almost 100% humidity year round. This means sweating! All day! Everyday! While some kinky curly tresses will drink up the water naturally in the air, they also accumulate dirt and product build up faster than those in milder climates. Using heavy conditioners for co-washing no longer works! They will only contribute to rapid product build up. What’s a curly girl to do? Source locally!

Human Nature is a Filipino brand consisting of 100% natural ingredients!  Using a regimen of the Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner for co-washing, the Natural Clarifying Shampoo for those days when conditioner is just not enough, and once a week replacing the moisturizing conditioner with the Deep Conditioning Daily Treatment will leave you with humidity ready beautiful curls that last all day. 


They also carry skincare products, which we will try and review very soon. Until then, we definitely recommend their hair care product for all hair types. 


Bonus, the products are affordable and they provide sustainable livelihood and fair trade conditions for that farmers who provide their raw materials. The founders were awarded the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur Award for 2011 "for building an organization that champions social transformation for the marginalized and poor" -human nature.

Photos of Human Nature product above are not our own, and are the property of human nature.

Peace and love from Palawan!