Wash and Go in the Philippines

In hot humid climates the impulse is to be heavy handed with product in order to keep your curls as frizz free as possible. Doing so actually only ensures that your hair never dries and accumulates excessive product builds up every two days or so. It can be difficult for curlies from more temperate climates to let go of this habit. Sometimes we do it to ensure product is distributed to every strand. The solution is to apply product under running water. The water, natures moisturizer, will help with even product distribution without needing to be heavy handed.

Current Routine After Cleansing/Conditioning:

            - Camille Rose Coconut Water Leave-in from roots to tips

            - Seal ends with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

            - Style with Camille Rose Curl Maker

All of this is done while the hair is in 4 sections. After the styler is applied release the 4 sections, bend over, place a towel over your face, and shake your head vigorously from left to right. Clean up any excess product with the towel and do not touch your hair. For drying you have a few choices: wrap hair in microfiber towel to dry excess water then air dry; in the Philippines there is no shortage of fans, so sit in front of one while you read a book or watch a movie; or simply leave it as is and go on with your day!

Due to the humidity, if you have thick kinky curly hair the roots may still be damp at the end of the day. Dry with a fan or put your hair into 4 large twist, put on a plastic conditioning cap, and tie down with a scarf. The next morning take out each section and shake you head like you did on day one. Here the humidity also works in your favor because after being outside for only a few minutes all of the curls would have fallen back into place!