SPOTLIGHT - Chyuan fa Honey (Taipei)

Tucked away on one of the many bustling streets of Taipei is a store front with a giant bumble bee sign outside and what appears to be jars of fresh honey in the windows. The interior was bright and inviting, with the scent of essential oils, flowers, and honey wafting into the street. Chyuan Fa Honey is a skincare brand that began as a honey company in 1918. All of the products are made with natural ingredients and honey is still their specialty.


Royal Jelly Camellia Lavendar Cleansing Mousse

The strong scent of essential oils is a refreshing shock to the senses that will jumpstart your day. It is a gentle comforting yet thorough clean that does not dry out your skin. The rosehip oil moisturizes, reduces the signs of aging, and protects from environmental toxins. The high oil content also make it an excellent make-up remover! If you want that one perfect year-round cleanser then Chyuan Fa Honey Royal Jelly Camellia Lavendar Cleansing Mousse is a great natural choice.

Ingredients: Royal Jelly extract, coconut oil, camellia, honey, avocado oil, grapefruit, lavender essential oil, Australian walnut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, brown rice oil, rose hip oil, vitamin E.

Perfect Pore Minimizing Essence - Advanced Repair Serum

Chyuan Fa Honey Serum has become our go to serum during the winter. While we do try lots of serums this is one we go back to often. It is rich in essential oils that improve the skin’s texture without clogging pores and or exacerbating acne problems. The concentration of essential oils is not too harsh for sensitive skin, yet hydrating enough for those with dry skin. The intoxicating fragrance alone is enough to make this a must have for any skincare regimen.

Main Ingredients: Royal royal jelly, lecithin, Repair Complex, propolis extract, Roman chamomile, violet, cypress, lavender, geranium.


Bulgarian Rose Seamless Lip Balm

Did you know that your lips can give away your age as easily as your eyes? Fortunately, rose oil and honey are the perfect anti-aging duo for your lips. Rose oil fights the signs of aging while honey keeps your lips supple and hydrated.

Ingredients: camellia oil, Bulgarian rose oil, royal jelly, wild hives and the like.


Royal Jelly Rose Nail Essence

The winter can be brutal on those with a dry skin type. It is not uncommon to have dry peeling cuticles during the colder months. You can massage it into your cuticles day and night. It contains royal jelly extract, honey, avocado cream, and rose essential oil. It doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling on your hands, soothes the raw skin, and the rose scent will make you forget it is winter! Another tip is to put a few drop into your favorite hand cream for regular use.

Royal Jelly Soap: Royal jelly is a nutrient secreted from the glands of worker bees in order to feed bee larvae. This jelly is the main ingredient in the Chyuan Fa Honey Royal Jelly Soap. Royal jelly has many of the same skin loving benefits as honey. It is ~70% water, vitamin & amino acid rich, and the fats have moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Raw Crystallized Honey: Good skincare starts on the inside and what better way to maximize all of the benefits of honey than to include it into your diet. Our favorite way to use crystallized honey is in our homemade ginger lemon tea! Check out our post, "Fad or Fixture: Honey - Nectar of the Gods or Sweet Propaganda".