Coup De Coiff Brand Rating System

We always want to ensure that everyone can make informed choices about their makeup, skincare, and haircare. Going forward, when we recommend specific brands or stores to you we will be including a rating system. Our goal is that it will take the guess work out of whether or not you think it is something you want to try.

Brands will be rated on a scale of 1-to-5 on each of the following criteria:

  • Accessibility (i.e. How easy is it for people to find the store or brand? public transportation, global shipping etc.)

  • Product selection (i.e amount of natural/non-toxic products in store, on the site, or in the products)

  • Employee knowledge of the brand, store, site (concierge service, personalization, ingredient knowledge)

  • Shopping Experience (how easy is it to shop for what you need? Is the shop or site organized in a user-friendly manner?)

  • Diverse Price-points (i.e affordable, high, etc.)

The scores will be averaged to give an overall score. This score will be represented by the number of times the "natural" icon below appears. The lowest score is a single icon and the highest is five.