SPOTLIGHT: Marie-Veronique

Have you ever tried smearing yogurt on your face every night? How about using oil based serums on oily acne-prone skin? Well, YOU WILL, after meeting Marie Veronique.

We had the pleasure of meeting Marie Veronique at the Credo Beauty Meet the Founders Week in New York. Marie-Veronique and her daughter Jay began their skincare line 10yrs ago and are based in Berkley, California. Both are trained scientist who use chemistry and their unique understanding of the properties of natural ingredients to come up with some of the most innovative skincare formulations.

Products we love:

We tried the entire “treatment” line of products; which are good for all skin types but specifically adult acne prone skin.

What kind of preservatives do you use? We use horseradish extract, aspen bark, essential oils, vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, and we make products in small batches so they don’t sit on our shelves for longer than necessary. We also use colored bottles, which serve to protect the product from degradation.

Where do you source your ingredients? We work with suppliers who provide high-quality ingredients and don't test on animals. As often as possible we source from companies that are close to us, in an effort to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Most of our ingredients come from California and Oregon.

Treatment CleanserThe treatment cleanser is a pleasant surprise. It does not lather and feels like you are rubbing oil based cream on to your skin. It washes off very cleanly and the alpha and beta hydroxyl acids give you a light exfoliation; all without leaving you with that parched or stripped feeling. In addition to the AHAs and BHAs the cleanser also has honey and colloidal oat flour. Both of which are soothing for sensitive skin types.

Treatment Mist - The micronutrients in the treatment mist soothe inflammation and lighten hyperpigmentation. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and does not irritate your eyes. The refreshing mist is a welcome relief for inflamed skin. The key lightening ingredient is a derivative of vitamin B3 called niacinamide. Niacinamide can be applied to the skin for treating inflammatory acne vulgaris and is easily dissolved in water. Other powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients include licorice root extract and green tea.

Treatment Serum - We only used the treatment serum during the day. It works to break down excess sebum to prevent the formation of new acne but also moderates existing breakouts. It is a great spot treatment that works well on it’s own as well as with any other treatments you might have in your routine. The first ingredient is an infusion of green and white teas to ease inflammation. It has niacinamide and omega-6 rich argan oil. Applying oils tricks the skin into not over-producing oil/sebum; thus preventing future acne.

Treatment Retinol Serum - We chose to replace the treatment serum with the treatment retinol serum during our night time routine. The combination of 7% Retinol, 3% Vitamin C, and Vitamin E is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Note that the retinol used in this serum is the natural version derived from vitamin A. It will smooth your wrinkles while clearing your acne. Although we enjoyed both versions of the serum, the retinol serum quickly became the favorite. You will wake with the most incredible skin every morning.

Treatment Oil - "Oils dissolve oils" is a common mantra among developers of natural skincare products. While this contradicts mainstream skincare beliefs, we encourage you to be open and give it a try.  We did and have fallen in love with facial oils. The treatment oil is a mixture of over 10 oils and extracts. Omega-6 oils breakup or thin sebum, and Omega-3 oils reduce inflammation. The treatment oil also contains the well-known antiseptic tea tree essential oil. We used the treatment oil as the last step in our skin care routine. At night we used the oil alone but during the day we mixed 2 drops into our favorite moisturizers.

Our verdict?

All in all, this brand is amazing and we cannot wait to try more of Marie-Veronique’s skincare products. If you want a better understanding of how her products work and just a great "how-to" for problem skin (i.e. acne, rosacea, etc.) then check out her book The Acne Answer: A step-by-step guide to clear, healthy skin. We found it to be very informative, even for those without acne-prone skin, as it provides wonderful all-purpose advice for healthy glowing skin inside and out.