Save no carbs for your diet! Why the Japanese will always be loyal to rice

During our adventure in Japan we noticed several skincare lines based in rice. As we continued to explore we discovered this trend across several brands we found throughout Asia. The realization quickly set in, that we had been sleeping on major opportunities to carb overload from the outside instead of the inside.

There are 3 main ways rice is used in personal care products.

  1. rice bran komenuka - rice bran is derived from the outer layer of the rice grain. It is truly the most powerful of the three derivatives from rice. On the outside it can be sprinkled on a warm wet cloth and used to exfoliate the skin. It is also commonly used to soothe allergic rashes and eczema. It's potent blend of vitamins A, B2, B12, and E along with anti-oxidants and moisturizing proteins help to maximize moisture for even tone for the skin. It is often included in cleansers and moisturizers. Rice bran is a common supplement in Asia for its health benefits, often used to reduce cholesterol.

  2. rice water - this is the secret sauce. As we continue to discover more about sustainability, we were really excited to learn the benefits of rice water. Rice water is derived from the leftover milky water from soaked rice. Treat your hair to a shine and strengthening boost by rinsing with rice water. Not only will it improve the manageability of your hair, but it contains a carbohydrate called inositol that helps to repair damaged hair. Be sure not to leave your skin out. Try it as a DIY cleanser and/or toner and say hello to clear skin and goodbye to large pores, blemishes, and hyper-pigmentation. Read more on hair and skin treatment at Hair Buddha. They know their stuff, and offered some great tips for other uses.

  3. rice bran oil - think of it as youth-preserving natural glue. This powerful oil contains antioxidants, which promote. collagen production. more collagen = fewer wrinkles/reduced appearance of wrinkles. As a bonus, it can also help to protect the skin from sun damage. The beauty of natural products is that they can just as good outside and inside. Incorporate this oil in your cooking regimen to reduce cholesterol.

Of course, we did manage to grab a sample kit from Leaf & Botanics of their rice-based products and a Ceramide (derived from rice) face toner from Medel.