Natural Beauty Quest: Japan

Japan is amongst other things well-known for quality and service. These same attributes translated into our experience shopping for natural products.

There are several places you can find natural and organic products. We will reference what we discovered while in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya. This is by no means a complete list, but a starting point and resource if you are seeking natural/organic brands and/or natural/organic Made in Japan brands.

Where to Shop:

Department Stores - they are kind of a big deal, and the cosmetics floor is a behemoth. Most stores have a separate section for natural products. There were some instances where the products were also separated by tier (entry, mid, and high price points) and then by natural. Some stores we found a selection in are listed below for reference. We mostly found skincare products, and some stores also carried natural makeup and hair care. This is definitely more limited.

Beware, there are many great brands, but this is the most expensive option for purchasing products. For instance, Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner (purchase in NYC for $5.99) was the equivalent of $20 at a department store.

Speciality Stores

  • La Casta - specialty store focused on natural products and aromatherapy

  • Loft - specialty store with a large natural product section and selection. Some consider this a department store, but we found it more similar to a Bed Bath and Beyond with a large beauty/personal care section.

Drug Stores

Shopping districts

Key ingredients: 

We were overall very excited to see the vast assortment of natural products as well as the availability of global brands. Some of the most advertised ingredients include:

  • honey

  • rice

  • shea butter

  • rose (water, oil, etc)

  • herbs

Please note many of the stores and websites are only in Japanese. We will follow-up with another post of brands we liked, and the best ways to get additional information if you do not speak Japanese.