Stress free curls, coils, kinks and waves in 10 easy steps

Summer is finally here, and we want to spend as much time enjoying the weather as possible and as little time as possible with our hair. Here are our steps to easy curls that last all summer long. We typically wash our hair once a week and use the below method. If you have a smoother hair texture, you will likely want to wash more frequently, but will need less product for the same results.

It is important to note, that the most important details below are in the technique. The products help you get there, but the technique gets you the results. We are including links below for the products we like that are available in the USA. We have discovered products from around the world, so if you need tips for access/availability in your neck of the woods, let us know. We can point you in the direction of products we've found.

Long-wear wash and go

1. Wash - save money and use trader joe's or giovanni. We don't usually detangle until we apply conditioner because it is easier. Some people choose to pre-poo or beforehand, in which case your hair may already be detangled.

2. Condition and finger detangle. If your hair is short, this should be quick and you likely do not have to do this in sections. start with a small amount and add more as needed.

4. Styler - with dripping wet hair, apply your styler working it through with your fingers. If you have thicker, longer, or just a lot of hair, you will want to apply the product section by section Squeeze the hair together to help the product coat all strands. To reiterate, start with a small amount of product and add as needed. Your hair should not feel sticky once dry. This process may require some trial and error.

6. Once you are sure it has coated all strands.  Shake your head vigorously up/down and side to side. (Make sure you are in the shower and use a towel to cover your face) This encourages the curls to clump and increases movement and volume.

7. Let hair air dry. If you do not have time to let it air dry, cut an old cotton t-shirt in half and wrap it around your head. This will absorb the excess water and product without creating frizz. After you are finished getting ready, remove the towel and shake your hair again. You should be good to go.

8. Before bed, make sure your hair is completely dry. If not, use a blow dryer with a diffuser to dry your roots and then wrap your hair with a satin scarf, sleep on a satin pillow, or put on a satin bonnet. If you have a kinkier texture hair, you can put on a conditioning cap (lock-in moisture) and then the satin bonnet. If your hair tangles easily, we recommend using the banding method to keep your hair detangled.

9. In the morning, the results may depending on hair texture and technique. If you take your scarf off and the curls are a bit flat, hop in the shower and let the steam do the work. Do not wet/drench your hair, just leave it out while in the shower so the steam will plump your curls back up.

10. You can refresh during the week by adding your favorite oil, vegetable glycerin, or a bit more leave-in in the morning or before bed.

Let us know your if you decide to try this and some of your best curly hair tips.