3 easy steps to healthy skin in the sun

The warmth of the sun is a tempting retreat, but too much sun can wreak havoc, both inside and out. Our skin is our largest organ and despite its immense strength, we are still tasked to protect it. Many factors impact the way your skin absorbs materials including:

  • the overall health of your skin[1]

  • duration of exposure[1]

  • skin temperature[1]

  • size of the particles that interact with the skin[1]

When there are so many ways in which your skin can be damaged, how can you possibly avoid them all? It is an almost impossible task to avoid every possible skin irritant, so we are starting with small steps.

Protecting your skin in the sun can be a stress free process. Check out our recommendations for 3 easy steps to healthy skin in the sun.

  1. Hydrate! When you are dehydrated your skin is too! Improving the health of your skin reduces its rate of UV ray absorption.

  2. Supplement your diet with additional vitamin D. Not only does your body absorb vitamin D from the sun, but the vitamin D in your body can help to protect your skin from the UV radiation of the sun.

  3. Choose a natural NON-NANO sunscreen. Simply put, the sun protectant in these sunscreens is too large to enter your pores. This protects you from the sun and from absorbing chemicals. We are trying the options linked below. Let us know what you think!

Coming up next! - DIY options for natural sunscreen and how to treat your skin if you’re already burnt!

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