Another reason to thank the Honeybee

Some may hear the word beeswax and just think of candles or what you tell someone when they're way to involved in your business, but if you dig a bit deeper, you will discover another one of nature's gifts.

Beeswax naturally occurs from the secretions of honey bees. The bees use the wax to build honeycombs. Farmers remove the honeycombs to extract the honey and beeswax. This wax is used for many purposes, specifically in personal care, it is often used as a moisturizer and to add shine.

It's benefits don't stop there! Did you know that beeswax is not only hypoallergenic, but it has antibacterial properties and can serve as a UV protectant.

We recently discovered Bee Natural while we were in Japan at the Loft store in Nagoya. This brand makes an all natural lip balm using beeswax. After some research, we discovered that the brand is based in Germany, and is mostly available in Europe only. See the website for which stores carry the brand. The good news is that they pride themselves on offering an affordable and accessible natural product. We are all for smooth lips for all!

Also, jetzt sollte ich auf Deutsch schreiben. Ich freue mich darauf Bee Natural zu probieren. In der Zukunft besuchen wir Deutschland um mehr Naturel Produkte/Marken zu entdecken. Mein Deutsch ist wirklich schlecht geworden, aber Uebung macht den Meister! Bis dann!