Letter from the Editors: Follow the Light

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November is that time of year, where you know the holidays are coming, but retailers confuse you about which one you should get ready for first. For us, November has always been a time of family, togetherness and gratitude. Growing up Muslim in a mostly Christian family meant that the only holiday our extended family got together for was Thanksgiving. Back then, we only thought of it as the time we hung out with our cousins and cooked lots of food. We would all get together and thank each other. We used to feel frustration with not being part of some of the celebrations, but with age we have come to appreciate our multicultural upbringing and how it exposed us to multiple celebrations of love and gratitude.

Light always wins over darkness. We are kicking things off with skincare, haircare, and beauty DIY’s from India. This week is also Diwali or the Hindu Festival of Lights. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

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Our first experience with Diwali celebrations is actually from our native Trinidad and Tobago  East Indians first came to Trinidad with the British as indentured labourers, workers or educated servicemen, between 1845 and 1917. ~90% of the East Indians that came to Trinidad chose to stay long after the British left. By mid-century all Indians in Trinidad were Trinidad-born.

We discovered several beauty rituals that were also part of our lives growing up as immigrants from the Caribbean (like getting henna art done for special occasions and religious holidays).

Small businesses: Big impact. Last month we launched INSIDE|beauty, a beauty strategy publication dedicated to providing small businesses and beauty startups with resources to grow. Our first guide is the 5 Building Blocks to Financing a Beauty Business. It comes with a simple tool you can download and use for your business.

This month, we will share our favorite free financing resources to learn more about the industry and what investors look for in businesses they choose to finance. We will also be spotlighting businesses for the Holidays. Please email us at social@reincoquette.com if you are interested in partnering.

What google thinks we like. Thanks to AI, internet cookies, and our search patterns, we’ve discovered some fun new things in the last month that we cannot wait to try this month.

(1) First up is a brand claiming to change the way we remove our hair. If you’re anything like us, anyone claiming to make our lives easier, automatically gets an ear. Flamingo claims to make good hair removal products for women. This month, we will put it to the test.

(2) In technology, is the hair dryer YouTube can’t get enough of, the RevAir Reverse Air Hair Dryer. If we are being honest, it is basically a vacuum for your hair that cost $399. All of the videos for it, make it look like magic. We are curious how healthy it is for all hair types over time, which remains to be seen.

(3) Lastly, our current makeup obsession is high-pigment powders and shadows. We have been quite critical of clean beauty brands in the past for not having options that work well on deeper skin tones. This month, we put our money where our mouths are and try a few. We are hoping to be proven wrong every single time.

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Winter is coming. NYC city winters get tough right after the holidays. It is usually the point where we are all in dire need of more vitamin D and a good dose of self-care. We will share some of our favorite beauty hacks to get through the winter minus the blues.

BeautyTech. Over the last few months, we’ve used technology to expand our visual assets and create more compelling imagery. There are more and more discussions on the place of tech and AI in beauty and fashion. This month we add the first bit of our two cents on the pros and cons.

- Fawziyya & Kawthar