What We Learned From You This Year

Only look back to remember how far you’ve come, then keep going.

Here’s our roundup of what we learned from you this year that we will take into next year.


To engage you have to be engaging.

When we asked, you answered and shared and liked.


Glowing skin will always be a trend.

You love to see beautiful, natural skin and we love sharing our tips on achieving and maintaining it. Look forward to more of this is 2019.


Happiness is contagious.

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin is only difficult because we are so often shown 30 million reasons we shouldn’t. We let our guard down a bit this year to show more of us and you loved it.


Let’s talk about the awkward stuff.

We need more spaces outside of google to discuss real things we are concerned about like urinary healthy, facial hair care for women and bumps in surprising places. We are here to chat on all of it and looking forward to diving in further.


Seeing is believing.

Want to come along to discover new things with us? We think you should. We share our beauty discoveries from around the world and we want you to have as immersive an experience as we do, We will be sharing more content focused on telling the stories of people around the world and how the become their own beautiful.

When we booked our trip to Iceland, we knew we had to check out the hot springs, but we had trouble finding natural beauty stores and products. It was likely because none of our searches were in Icelandic. We knew the only way to discover new things was to actually get out and explore, and that's just what we did.
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You don’t mind the details.

We are pretty nerdy. We like the details of what makes products effective and strategies for businesses and so do you. Let us know the next topic you would like us to dive deeper on and we will get going on creating another amazing resource like our Bible on Acids or our Financial Funding Starter Guide.


Not all trendy topics are trendy just for fun, some of them are truly effective and should be discussed.

That’s how we accepted that adaptogens are cool and that we should be talking more about them.


A little encouragement goes a long way.

We started sharing our personal affirmations and favorite quotes that inspire us. It turns out they are helpful to you too. We would love to hear some of your favorite quotes or affirmations. We might even share them for everyone to get energized to achieve their goals.


You want to know what’s happening and be a part of the story.

We introduced our Letter from the Editor and you told us you want in. We want to tell more of your stories. Don’t be afraid to connect with us an introduce yourself. You never know, your story might be the next one being told.


Sometimes we need a little push.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but with some inspiration and tips you bravely go where you haven’t before, even if it is teal lipstick!


Make it magical.

Everyone wants to dream a little and be inspired. Sharing your dreams and the reality of executing them reminds us all that it is possible.


Here’s to making more magic in 2019!

Until then, be beautiful!

Fawziyya SugaiComment