Summer Glow up for the Basic "G" | OILY SKIN

We firmly believe that every skin type can achieve healthy glowy skin. For oily skin types this can be a little tricky because that "perfect glow" doesn't come from adding dewy (read: oily) products but rather trying to balance both water moisture and oil moisture (i.e. the oils your skin naturally produce). In some ways those of us with oily skin have it a little easier with the summer time glow up!

Oily skin types often have larger pores in the t-zone, are more likely to be acne-prone, have dull or shiny complexions, and over-produce sebum. While this could be frustrating one benefit is that being oily also means your skin is well lubricated and will appear to age at a slower rate than your drier counterparts!


oily skincare is all about balance

Think about balancing your skins production of sebum from the inside out by increasing your consumption of water and meals high in natural anti-inflammatories.

rules to live by for healthy oily skin


Oil breaks up oil. Use oil based cleanser as a first step in your skincare routine to gently remove makeup and excess sebum. Follow up with a low pH cleanser that will further cleanse your skin without stripping all of its natural oils. When you use cleansers that give you that all too satisfying, stripped, tight feeling, it tells your skin that it is thirsty and needs to produce MORE OIL.

Double cleansing isn't necessary for your morning routine. In the morning you can simply use the low pH cleanser, a cleansing water, or solely a light-weight oil cleanser.

Some of our favorites include:

1. Heimish All Clean Balm or Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

2. Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam or Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser




Next step is toner. Toner will rehydrate, maintain the pH balance, and prepare the skin for subsequent products/treatments. These should be water- or aloe-based. One or both of those should be the first ingredient. This is also a good time to add vitamins and or minerals to your skin.

One of our favorite techniques, especially during the winter, is the Korean 7-Skin Method of applying toner. The 7-Skin Method simply means applying 7 layers or skins of toner to plump and hydrate the skin. You only need a few drops per layer.  If you want to use an exfoliating toner to eliminate dead skin cells and clarify pores, this toner should only be the first layer. Follow up with a few layes of a water/aloe - based toner.

Some of our favorites include:

1. PIXI Glow Tonic

2. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner or Blithe Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans Essence Toner

* Note about Vitamin C: Vitamin C serums can be applied before or after toner. In some cases applying before toner is more effective but we advise following the application instructions provided by the brand. If they do not provide guidance, you can do a patch test to see which order of application works best for your skin. Remember that toners generally prepare your skin to better absorb subsequent products/treatments.


For a basic skin care routine you could skip right to moisturizer after applying your favorite toner(s). However, a good essence treatment can do wonders for the long-term health of your skin. This step is where you can apply more targeted treatments for extra hydration, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and or acne.

Some of our favorites include:

   1. YURI PIBU Artichoke Essence

   2. Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment

   3. The Ordinary Buffet

   4. Huxley, Secret of the Sahara: Grab Water Essence

DIY: Add a drop or two of tea tree oil to aloe vera gel and extra virgin coconut oil. Store in a cool place and spot treat acne with the mixture. Leave it on over night.

*Note about sheet mask(s): Sheet mask can be a fun way to treat your skin. You can skip the 7-skin method and essence application! Apply a sheer layer of toner, followed by the sheet mask of your choice. Put on some of your favorite tunes or meditate while your mask does all the work for you! Check out our Self-Care Sunday Instagram post this weekend for some of our favorite sheet mask and at home spa treatments.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul"

The skin around your eyes is super sensitive, so it is always good to give it a little extra TLC. Are eye creams and serums necessary? Not at all! But since we like to be extra, we're going to tell you how to incorporate them into your oily skincare routine.

Take a close look at the skin around your eyes. Did you know that even with oily skin, sometimes the skin directly around your eyes can behave completely different? It can be super dry, while your cheeks just below, look like an oil slick. Alternatively, that skin can be just as oily as the rest of your face. OR if you are extra special, it can alternate between dry and oily depending on the time or year or day!

Many of the eye care products on the market target signs of aging (i.e. fine lines), dark circles, or focus on hydration. Choose one that targets your specific concern. You can achieve the look you want by gently tapping a thin layer of your favorite eye cream into the skin around your eyes morning and night. If you want to be EXTRA, you can apply an eye serum, moisturizer, and oil/balm; in that order.


Time to moisturize! Just because you are oily, it doesn’t mean you should not follow up with moisturizer. You don’t want your skin to think it needs to produce more oil. A light weight, fast absorbing moisturizer and or facial oil is all you need. For the summer, we opt for a gel moisturizer or thin cream. You can also follow-up with a light weight non-comedogenic facial oil. The latter is particularly a good idea at night because fans, air conditioning, and sleeping on cotton pillow cases can all dry out the skin. You want to lock in that moisture!

Some of our favorites include:

    1. LeeAnni Eco 3-in-1 Revolution Light

    2. Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel

    3. Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

    4. Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Transformation Gel

    5. Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer

*Note about facial oils: We have too many favorites to name! However, one of our favorite skincare Youtuber's Gothamista has a very informative video on the best facial oils by skin type (Check it out HERE). She details what ingredients to look for by skin type.


Lastly, apply sunscreen! We don't think that this step needs an explanation. Just wear sunscreen. Wear it every day, year round. Finding the perfect sunscreen can be tricky for oily skin types. You don't want anything that leaves a greasy film on top of your skin or clogs your pores causing acne every time you wear it.

Some of our favorites include

    1. Earth's Recipe Waterful Sun Gel with Harrogate Sparkling Water

    2. Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-free UV Protector SPF 42