Top 5 Grooming Products for Men at Indie Beauty Expo NYC 2018

This year we mixed it up and focused our Indie Beauty Expo (iBE) experience on discovering the best of men's grooming products. While there weren't nearly as many options as women's-focused brands, the quality did not disappoint. Normally we like to test products for at least 3 months before giving our opinions but we just couldn't resist giving you our first impressions. In no particular order, these are the products we are the most excited about.


Soothing Beard Drops

Toss out your Skin Tight because Big Boy's soothing beard drops are your natural alternative, loaded with calendula extract to soothe and argan and sweet almond oils to nourish irritated skin. Use it to maintain the skin under your beard and as an aftershave for the most refreshed skin and a subtle, yet sexy smell the ladies and gents are sure to love! Our test dummies, we mean subjects, are still taking this one for a spin but so far sooo good.

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Brother's Artisan Oil

Shaving Oil & Magnesium Deoderant

Those of you who have tried shaving with oil may know that oils can seriously gum up your razor. What we love so far is that our razors remained gook-free after using it several times. Ladies, this is definitely one you want to steal from your guy because it is just as great on your legs as it is on his face! The smell is light and perfectly unisex. Grapeseed oil adds great slips while the rosemary extract helps to soothe the skin  to minimize irritation. Someone set the temperature on hot as hell in New York this week! BUT the Lavender and Tea Tree Magnesium Deodorant has been holding its own all day without the need for touch-ups. Tea tree deodorizes while the lavender leaves you soothes and leaves you smelling amazing.


Eye Gel and Blotting Powder

We can't say enough about the FORMEN eye gel sample we tried at iBE. It's not on the market yet but guys and girls alike will be clamoring for this one! It is soothing and cool to the touch with a silky smooth texture that disappears into your skin. You will want to slather it all over your face.

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18.21 Man Made

Shaving Glide & Hair Pomade

We have been big fans of 18.21 products for about a year now and they did not disappoint this year. Their products are the definition of  "sexy man smell" and as a bonus they perform amazingly as well. We tested the hair pomade right there on our cameraman's hair and we can already tell that it will be a winner for all hair textures. The most compelling attribute of the Shaving Glide is that it applies clear. This allows you to see the area you are shaving while shaving, which helps to minimize skin irritations.

Cleo and Coco

Unisex Dusting Powder & dry shampoo

This totally saved the day before we even left the expo. It was hot and humid and we were filming and walking and incessantly talking for hours before arriving at the Cleo and Coco booth. We thought we would need to run home to freshen up before our dinner plans that night but the Cleo and Coco dusting powder saved the day and the Uber fare. We can't wait to see how it continues to perform in the last HOT days of summer.


Have you tried any of these products? Let us know what you think in the comments below. And of course if you haven't, definitely give them a try. We will be back in a few months with the good, bad, and the ugly (doubtful, but you never know) of our iBE men's grooming top five.