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Letter from the Editors: What is Beauty?

Growing up, we often heard the phrase, “beauty is only skin deep.” It was always intended to remind us that we are much more than what others can see. This month we dive into what impacts people’s perceptions of their own beauty and the beauty behind who people are.

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4 FREE Methods to Learn About Financing Your Beauty Business

So you are ready to take your brand to the next level, but you don’t know where to start to get funding? The first step is getting informed. Sometimes even this can cost money, that you might not have. Here are four ways to connect and learn about financing your beauty business for free.

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5 Building Blocks to Financing Beauty

There are several methods to finance a beauty business. Some are easily attainable and others require extensive preparation and resources. In the last four years we have met founders who are just getting started and are 100% self-funded and have seen founders go from self-funded to receiving million dollar investments from venture capital firms.

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