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5 Building Blocks to Financing Beauty

There are several methods to finance a beauty business. Some are easily attainable and others require extensive preparation and resources. In the last four years we have met founders who are just getting started and are 100% self-funded and have seen founders go from self-funded to receiving million dollar investments from venture capital firms.

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5-Free Steps to the Best and Safest Manicure

Why does 5, 6, 7, and 10 free matter in nail polish? We all want to look good, but how can we look good on the outside without harming ourselves on the inside? Cosmetics have come a long way and it is even more possible to look good and be well at the same time. For us, there are 5 steps to the best and safest manicure of your life.

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Back to Basics: The 5 Year Itch

After LOTS of trial and error you get to a point where you think “I’ve got this” and or you just “know” how to respond to your hair’s unique needs. Then roughly 5yrs into the natural hair journey, you start to get the itch to do something different.

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