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At COUP de COIFF we aim to build a community around natural and organic products and to help small businesses grow. Meeting Indie Lee was inspiring because she exuded positive energy and encouraged community and collaboration.

"I don't consider other brands my competition. I think there is enough room in the space of beauty for all of these brands." - Indie Lee

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iBE NY 2016: Beauty Breakdown

We had an amazing time at the Indie Beauty Expo and loved meeting all of the brands showcasing their work. Hearing their stories, reliving their journeys, and testing the fruits of their labor has not only given us new products to love but also reaffirmed our passion for green beauty.

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skincare regimen: acne prone skin

In many ways having adult onset acne is worse than having acne as a teenager but with the right care it can be manageable. Ironically the changes you will need to make will also improve your overall health and well-being. While you may need the help of prescription medications there are lifestyle changes you can make to aid is correcting the imbalance in your body.

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